Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Would you hire me?

John started work, so we had to make him look "hireable".  I mourned this day because I think that John looks SO much better with his beard. Apparently people with facial hair come across lazy and less trustworthy. We decided to have a little bit of fun with the process. Would you hire this face?
No? Well, I could understand that.

What about this?
I don't blame you either! What a creeper! I definitely wouldn't hire him as my lawyer.

Well, at least he is a happy creeper!

Now here is a face you can trust. Hire me!

A Wedding and a Funeral

This past Memorial Day weekend has great, emotionally draining for lots of reasons, and crazy busy! I drove to Tuscaloosa Friday night to enjoy some time with John's family. Saturday morning we attended John's grandmother's funeral. The service was sweet, remembering her love for the Lord, her church, and her family. It was also touching to see all the people who showed up to honor her life on earth. Even her hair dresser showed up!

After the funeral, we made the trip to Jackson, MS for Elizabeth and Jan's wedding. It was a beautiful service followed by a fun reception.

Beautiful bride and groom!

 We all know how much Lan likes do dance, so we tried to encourage him!

Lan, I'm so proud you got out there on the dance floor!

Jane Gray and Allan, it was so good to see you! I hate that California is so far away!

After August, we will all be married!

On Sunday, we met up with Haley and Will. 
Haley and I went through RUF and Marketing together at State. She is such a special, sweet friend who continually encourages me and openly shares how God has been working in her life. I also love how comfortable we are with one another. We are past the point of having to play hostess and guest. We even took a nap that afternoon. We enjoyed catching up with one another. 

 John and Will are both in law school, so they always have something to talk about. I also learned something about will this weekend...he likes cooking and is an EXCELLENT cook! I almost took pictures of the food, but John made fun of me and I felt ashamed! Haha!

We also had the opportunity to meet up with John and Kathryn. We enjoyed catching up on life and getting exposed to a bit of Swamp People.

Harris is getting so big! 

John offered to hold Harris for a little bit and after about a minute, tried to pass him to me. He said, "What if he gets upset?" Haha. He did a good job. Plus, I think as long as the tv is on, Harris is content. He was glued to the tv!

It was such a blessing to see all of our friends. It's amazing how God knows what you need and provides for you. It was such a refreshing weekend with lots of encouragement.