Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Friendships--Blessings from God

This should make writing on my blog a New Years Resolution, but I don't like to lie to myself. So, here is one of I'm sure many sporadic blog posts to come.

This past weekend, John and I were blessed with the opportunity to use a cabin from a family in our church, the Eatmans. They have been such a blessing and always encouraging of my work at the church. Their kindness is overwhelming! The opportunity to be able to see friends, share our struggles and sins together, talk about how the Lord has worked in our lives and marriages, and have fun making new memories together is irreplaceable!
The Eatman's Cabin

Haley Morgan, Amanda Morris, and I really bonded our senior year of college as we conquered Marketing together, attended RUF, and went through engagement/marriage season together. Our friendship has only grown since graduating and departing to different cities. The Lord has given us lots of things in common which enabled us to confide and encourage one another!
Haley and Amanda

We took Millie and Eli for a walk on Saturday. It was such a beautiful day! 

One thing you have to know about Eli is that he's not very fond of water. He tolerates his baths, but always tries to run when he realizes what's about to happen. When he was younger, we carried him in a lake to see if he could swim. He went straight for the shore. That being said, we didn't think anything about taking him down on the dock. As John was looking away, I watch Eli stare into the water, put his paw out, and with total faith, stepped straight into the water. I think that since there were some leaves on top of the water, Eli thought that he could walk on water! So if you can picture it, Eli went head forward into the water. John wound up yanking him out of the water by his leash. Trust me, if you had seen it, you would have laughed too!

 Doesn't this face look guilty! There goes all the benefits of his bath the day before.

We still love him!

We also had lots of fun playing Quelf and Logo. 

 Haley and Will had to do some leap frogs in Quelf.

 Millie loves cuddling with Haley! 

 We are so attached to our dogs!

 Quelf, oh the memories and awkward moments you bring!

Unfortunately, we forgot to take a group picture even though we kept talking about it all weekend! Maybe another time!