Sunday, April 24, 2011

Movie Night

Married life is wonderful, especially in a small town! It forces us to be creative and not spend our money! So, this past Friday night, we decided to watch Tangled...

inside a fort!
Could there be a better way to spend a Friday night? 

Um, yes! Popcorn and a milkshake--the meal of champions! Though this may sound juvenile, it was so much fun! We blew up an air mattress to make it more comfortable and worked with the limited space and limited number of blankets! I love quit nights in a small town!


  1. ahh love this! didn't you love the movie! classic old school! someone told me recently that tangled actually just steals ideas from all the old ones, but I don't care. sort of want to be her haha!

  2. We love making forts & watching movies on the floor! We actually have Tangled that we keep meaning to watch; Calvin's boss let us borrow it because he said it was good! Did y'all like it?

  3. How fun! Looks like you guys had a blast :)

  4. forts are are you guys

  5. The movie was so good! John made me rewind a certain scene so he could watch it again! Amanda, watch it ASAP! Julia, I would love to have magical, glowing hair! haha!